Sunday, March 11

Paradise in Zambales

   Zambales this place was known in  their delicious and sweet mango, but of course beach resorts was also known there specially in some secluded island.    May 2010 the last month to celebrate summer and before the rainy season start.  I done a lot of research about Zambales when suddenly I read a blog about one of the secluded island, It caught my attention because of the nice view and clear water, aside from that the mixed of the beach sand and the lahar sand which is fine and white plus the combination of the pine trees that only seen in Baguio and some other trees.  The place was really nice,  you can see only few people in the island its not yet develop, no electricity, no cottages only tent can be use in the island, no clean water to drink(bring your own hydration), you can also bring your own food if you want to stay overnight because the store located in the island is too expensive.
You know what Island am talking about? It’s a secluded island named:

1. Anawangin!!

                                                       At the back of this beach resort you can also see this

                                                 Aside from this island there's another one and this Is

  1.   Capones!!oh my Goodness Capones! It's really beautiful and this is the reason why It's more fun in the Philippines :)
This is the Capones light house it's old but some say its still working.  Reminder If its your first time to visit this place I suggest you to do some legs stretching before going up here coz you might experience legs sore on the next day :P learn it from me coz I've been there..lolz

Third Island  Camara!!!

A really awesome rock formation and a 10-15 mins. Travel time from Pundakit proper, white sand with a big rocks, this is where  Dingdong and Marian shot their commercial(San Marino tuna).

4.  Pundakit Island
Pundakit is the main island before you can go to either of the three such as Anawangin, Capones and Camara because pundakit is the first island that will welcome you before anything else.  You can look for place to stay in this island if you don’t like to spend overnight in other island, unlike Anawangin the pundakit has electricity and has clean water, there are also lots of cottages or lodges  to chose from but make sure you make a reservation a head of time before going there.


  1. i want to visit Anawangin this April. How much is the boat fare and accomodation? thanks.

  2. hey! thanks for dropping by :) boat rent is 1500 to 2000 good for 2 to 3 persons, for accommodation it ranges from 1500 to 2500 in Pundakit proper these fare was as of May 2010..:) enjoy your trip sir!!:)