Saturday, February 25

Traveling Solo

I read a lot of article about traveling solo, some says its fun, some says its boring, some says its lonely, and some says they will never do it again.  But for me I would way its amazing!  Some are afraid to try traveling solo their reason is because they are not familiar in the place or they don't know someone on that place, etc.  But how could you prove to yourself those complains, reactions, and hesitation if you don't give it a try? 
When I was kid I used to travel often, and as I remember the farthest place I've been was Samar, this is where my father came and grew up, I enjoyed the long trip at the same time I enjoyed looking at  the view while inside the bus..
Maybe that is the reason why until now I always looking forward to visit the beautiful places here in the Philippines.

I started solo traveling when I graduated from college, my mom gave me a signal that I am free to do so as long as I will ask permission first to them because during my high school year they didn’t allowed me to go anywhere unless it was school related.
     December 2011 was my first experienced to travel solo(as in solo), I planned it for a couple of months I saved money for it as my budget.  I searched about the place on how to get there, where to drop off, what transportation I need to reach the place, all of it.  And when the exact date arrived I woke up early to prepare my stuffs.  I left the house with mixed emotions, I am nervous at the same time excited.  Unfortunately that time the weather in the Metro was not good at first I tried not to push  my plan but on the other side I ask myself why and  Why not?
Aside from that I always look forward for adventure that’s why I tried solo backpacking and I found it fun and exciting. 
Traveling is fun, this is the time to relax, enjoy and find what exactly you want for yourself.
Soul searching for others, for me this is my way to release my stress or if am sad, or just wanted to forget and mend a broken heart.  What ever reasons you may have it doesn’t matter, don’t mind other people as long as you are happy with what you are doing go for it.
Remember traveling makes you realize how blessed you are, not everyone given the chance to travel so enjoy every journey make it memorable and share it… :)

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  1. I have a lot of experiences travelling solo. The good thing is that you can do it in your own pace. Getting lost is fun, too. However, I'm still scared of going out at night alone in an unfamiliar place so I often miss places that nicer at night...