Tuesday, March 20

Oh Wow! Bolinao!

When we went in Bolinao for a day trip one of the place we visited was the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, this was located in Abac, Patar and one of the famous lighthouse in the town of Bolinao, Pangasinan, this is approximately 18 kilometers away from the town proper and a 30 to 45 minutes travel from the town.  This is the second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines after the Cape Bojeador which is located in Ilocos Norte.  351 feet tall above sea level but the lighthouse itself  is 101 feet high.  The place was awesome, the scenic view of the lighthouse overlooks the South China Sea, and aside from that you will also see the other resort like Treasures of Bolinao.  After took some pictures in the lighthouse we went down and started to scout for a new resort and we end up staying in one of the high end resort in Bolinao.

photo credit to day grace :)
We stayed in Puerto Del Sol resort  which is located at Brgy. Ilog Malino, a 12.5 kilometers away from the town proper and almost 30 minutes travel time from the town. This is the best place to chill and relax when you want to go outside the metro, this place was really cozy, the facilities and the amenities are very nice, and they have a very approachable service staff.  This is one of the exclusive resorts in the heart of a vivid Pangasinan, you’ll be amazed by the golden white sand and a crystal clear water of the South China sea plus the breakwater and a knee high deep of the sea which is perfect for kids and for those people who don’t know how to swim.  Aside from that the resort has also a Children’s and adult pool good for those people who don’t want to stay in the beach.  Since they didn’t allow their client/guess to bring food inside they have their own dining area and these are La Playa, Al Fresco and Café del sol. You may visit their website for other info at puerto del sol.

Lastly we didn’t forget to visit the St. James church which is located in the Bolinao town proper a few meter away from Five star bus station and Victory Liner this is one of the oldest churches in Bolinao, and you’ll see also that there are some parts of the church renovated coz I noticed that most part of it has cracked and the cross at the top of it has bend toward the left side maybe because the structure was too old and other past calamities.

Before we ride a bus back to manila we ate our early dinner in one of the restaurant in the town located in front of the Victory Bus station, all of us ordered their Boneless bangus for only 50 pesos/meal and additional 50 if you want an unlimited rice. The restaurant was nice and cozy their staff was very approachable and their boneless bangus taste good..:)

This were the place we visited during our stay in Bolinao, visit Bolinao to witness the real beauty of the town they also have a very nice and approachable people and there were lots of caves to explore..

Enjoy your trip!!:)


  1. what a fun trip ..... Bolinao .. the light house ... spectacular beaches and a beautiful town

    thanks for sharing

  2. thanks tonyb! you should come here and visit the place :)