Sunday, March 11

A letter for you......

Dear you,

I was wondering what your are doing, and thinking where you are right now
I been waiting for you and keep on asking when will the right time you will come?
I cant wait to see you, I always long for your presence, I told to myself that if I found you I will always set a date for us to travel together, explore every place that we never been, taste the best food, take lots of photos, make it more adventurous and live our life to the fullest

I know I am happy but I would be more happier if you here beside me, so please come soon.
I'll promise to you that our travel date would be memorable and romantic, ill bring you to the beach, cook food for you and make sure that it would be very special, stare at you while you're eating and play sweet  song,  we will dance together,   we'll walk together on the shore, we'll lay on the sand and i'll wrapped my arms around you.
I will hold your hand, touch your face and say the magic word.

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