Wednesday, September 19

Spain!! I'm crazy for you!

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SPAIN!!! What's in this place why i am so eager to visit or step to this place. I haven't been like this when i  was dreaming about visiting Japan.  But SPAIN!!!what the heck!! I know its impossible but i'm gonna find way to make it possible!. There's so much thing in this place, and this is how it affect me. I started to love these place, i found myself studying about their culture, the history, food, tourist spots and the people of course and their language.  I met some people online and in some site who also a travel blogger, they say "Barcelona" is one of the best place to visit in Spain. I even talked to some people who also live in Spain, from Barcelona to Madrid   etc. Some of them are nice while others are not. But it doesn't matter.  I know it takes 6, and more than a year before i come to that place, need to fly for more than an hour but the eagerness of my love for you will not change.  

I'm craving to see you and witness your place! I want to hug you! I want to kiss you! I want to see how awesome you are!!Most of all I want you and I LOVE YOU!!! 


  1. Cool post. I'd love to visit Spain too. I can't imagine the foodie destinations all over the country.

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I like the way you love my country...
    You will discover that Spain is much more than Barcelona or Madrid.
    I am spanish and i have travelled a lot in Spain and i have lived in many cities... and even sometimes i get surprise of a new place, a new lake or mountain, or a new beautiful landscape.
    I hope you can realize your dreams soon, good luck!

    1. I wish i could visit Spain one day...Thank you! :)

  3. Anonymous7:07 PM

    I am sure you will be able... and soon, wont? :)
    pd: I am the same person that wrote you on March 20 ;)

    1. Remember this? now i am here but i don´t if i am a real close eh? :) Gracias!