Sunday, March 11

Kidnapped! Trip to Lingayen with the Dagupan Artist

The supposedly trip to Zambales became Lingayen trip with the Dagupan Artist.
Two years had been past but still can't forget my first visit in Lingayen Pangasinan, the visit was not in the plan but thanks to our friend Kaye Oyek for inviting me and malou. 
Me and my friends stayed in the house of kaye's friend named Patz he live in Binmaley Pangasinan, the next day we woke up early in the morning to start our Lingayen exploration, Patz cooked breakfast for us, he served their specialty which is Boneless Bangus! *drooling* best bangus ever.  After we ate we went to his drawing room and saw his painting inside which is really beautiful. Patz is one of the member of the Dagupan Artist in Pangasinan, aside from him there are two other artist accompanied us, they are Boni and Jojit.

Our first destination Lingayen Capitol! This  is one of the best Capitol in the Philippines, they allowed tourist to get inside  and witness the beauty inside of it, its also open during weekends.
View from the top of Lingayen Capitol, Pangasinan
outside the capitol few walks and you will see the Veterans Memorial Park

 And of course the entrance free resort  was here in Lingayen! We didn't let the day past without dipping our body in this sea water.  We seen only few people in this area, no cottages along the shore but you can set a tent if you want to.


  1. These are great photos. I had been there, unluckily I don't have camera to take the place.

    1. yes perfect place to relax and have fun! :)