Wednesday, April 3

Weekend Madness.......

Three days before the PAGASA announced that summer is officially started me and my colleagues planned to go to somewhere in Quezon Province and aside from that we only have 2 weeks left before our Saturday work start on April.   Since we've been to some places in north we choose Quezon province in the South Luzon for a change.

From Manila an estimated more than 3 hours before you reach the town of Padre Burgos, Quezon.

From the entrance of Padre Burgos it takes another more than 30 minutes before you reach the Brgy. Marao.

We stopped at Coastal Gill (formerly Vista Playa)  in Padre Burgos before heading our way to Borawan and Dampalitan Island.  Since it we came around 1pm in coastal grill and haven't eaten our lunch we decided to take our lunch here. 

Coastal Grill formerly Vista Playa

Before you go island hopping you also have to pay for the environmental fee worth P20.00. Then
We visited two islands. Our first stop was Borawan Island, and followed by Dampalitan Island.

Kuya Orong "bangkero"
Meet our very accommodating boatman Kuya "Orong" he's our contact in Brgy. Marao when we went there. He's the one who brought us in the two islands. You can contact him @ +639206274107.  You can also ask him to cook food for you but you have to pay him extra for his cooking service :)


  1. Good Afternoon. How much is the boat rental? Thank you very much?