Monday, September 8

New life and New Journey

The long wait is over and the day has finally arrived. I am sure i am going to miss my life in Philippines, my routine going to work, the adventure travel with my friends which sometimes lead us into something different.

This was the day that i finally said goodbye to my home.
September 7, 2014 it was Sunday we headed to the Airport for my flight to Spain, as i say goodbye to my neighbors my heart started to break, i told myself not to cry but that was really hard to do. I left a simple hug and goodbye to them. I saw a glimpse of my mom's face and she was trying not to cry that time.

Around two in the afternoon when we arrived in terminal 3 my family were all there to say bye even my friends Azza and her family, Day and Earl.  After an hour and half i decided to say goodbye to them, i hugged each and everyone and say goodbye, but one of the most saddest and unforgetable goodbye that break my heart into pieces was when i heared my mom crying while she hugging me, i felt that she doesn´t want me to go.  While i was waiting to get on board i kept on crying in the waiting lounge, that time i really don't care if the man in front of me are watching me crying. It seems like the tears were like unable to stop during that day even when i was in a plane and until i reached Dubai.

It's really hard to let go of the things that you get used to and also to the people you are with in your entire life but we must to admit that we also need to accept new challenges in life, though it is hard but maybe it will lead us to something better. Life is like an adventure sometimes it is good and sometimes no, sometimes it amaze you sometimes not but each adventure is a lesson learn either to teach you or bring out the best in you.

Until my next adventure! but not in my home now, it's in my new life in Spain!  Ciao!

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