Saturday, August 16

Counting days

I am only waiting for few days and soon i'm moving to a new place.  It is time for me to start a new life, a married life with my husband, exploring things and places now not only with myself but also with him. Moving out is the hardest thing i have done, I've been with my family and friends all my life here in my home country, i grew up surrounded with the people i love for all my life, but now is the time.  It's time for me to learn how to live away from my family and friends which is the difficult part.  But on the good side i am going to spend the rest of my life with my husband. I will explore new places, meet new friends and build my own family as well.
Whenever i think about moving from one place to another i can't help but cry, because it would be different now, it is not how the way i live in my own home(country) but i have to be strong, i have to learn how to fight the boredom and homesick of being away from them. I need to be brave enough and learn how to live a new life.
Now i don't know what to say because whenever i think of it my tears starting to fall.  But this is life and i need to learn from it but of course never forget the people who made a big part in my life. Those are the people i treasure most, the people i love and i will love even i am from other continent.


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