Friday, September 12

Hola España!

I remember when i wrote something about Spain and how i love to explore that country then last year i was so upset when the consulate refused to give me a visa for a short trip though i have had all my documents completely.  Well after a year now i see myself stepped in the land of this country.

After almost 25 hours travel time finally i arrived in Madrid Barajar Airport earlier than we expected but safe and sound! But before Madrid i waited nine hours in Dubai International Airport for my connecting fligth.  I was amazed in Dubai airport it was very huge and clean and some part of it are still under construction but so far it was the best airport that i have been. After 8 hours of travel viola!

Welcome to Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport! :)

I felt lost when i arrived in this airport since it was my first time i just followed other passenger who was going to hop in a train going to Terminal 4.  But to be sure enough i also asked for a help of one of the staff inside the airport and he gladly gave me the instructions. I was really nervous and worried that i might not gonna see my husband in the waiting area but as i exit i saw him waiting near the cafeteria :)  Sweet kisses is the first thing he gave to me and that moment i felt relieved.:)
He got my luggage and invited me for a cup of coffee as what i told him before i left my home.

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