Saturday, March 21

Stop Racism!

It's been quite a while since my last post and I've already visited lots of places since i arrived here in Spain, but i couldn't find time to write about it until my husband told me to continue sharing my (ours) travel adventure. Well i think it's about time again but this time i am going to share about my not so good experience in my travel in Germany.

This morning me and my husband were about to go the train station going to the Munich International Airport, we woke up very early to be in the train station and also not to missed our flight going back here to Spain.  So we where in Hauptbahnhof station buying our ticket after that we headed down to wait for the train when we were in the escalator a German guy spoke in his language which i thought he was asking for something but since he speaks in German language my husband said "sorry we only speak english" but what was shocking was when the man spoke in english and he said "Asians are bitch" i really felt bad and hurt, and there were two other German at my back and the only thing they could do was just stare at me and the man.  As i stepped in the flatform on the station i wanted to go up again to look for that guy and report him to the police but my husband told me to ignore it because we are in a hurry to go to the airport for us not to missed our flight.  He said that those people are only looking for trouble, i was really hurt of what that man said.  As asian like me we treat and we welcome foreign people in our country with full of smile and respect.  I hope that German guy would realize that if not for asian people like me their tourism industry is nothing.  I stayed one week in Munich with my husband and everyday we've seen lots of asian tourist in that city. Korean, Japanese, Chinese etc. most of them are in a big group who tour around the city.

Our one week vacation in Munich is memorable we encounter also other German who is not like the man in the train station, in fact there was a man in English garten who lent us his frisbie disc because he saw our disc is not that good he was very nice and he even smiled at us.

I wish people would not be racist, because we are all equal we are not perfect as well, It is not my fault if i born to be asian i don't see any problem with that, in fact i am proud that i am married to the Spanish man. We all eat the same food unless those racist eat golden rice or golden bread for them to be unique.

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