Saturday, December 28

2013 Year Ender Trip (MT. SAMAT BATAAN)

Philippines is rich when it comes to history.  You can visit lots of site here where you can review the past that had been happened hundreds of years ago.  As a traveler i like to visit a historical places and one of my dream is to visit the Mt. Samat in Bataan.  Finally before the year 2013 ends we pushed our plan with my friends to visit the place.

The foggy place which i thought i could not get a chance to witness the beauty of the big cross finally appeared after we went up inside the Mt. Samat cross.
We arrived at the cross around ten in the morning, you'll only have a little chance to witness the cross during those time  but in the afternoon around 1:00 you can see it clearly.
Inside Mt. Samat cross

Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valor)
We went up to this cross and found this breathtaking view from above!

Top view of Mt. Samat Memorial Museum
The Museum
This is one of my memorable trip before the year 2013 end because finally i've got a chance to witnessed it and stepped on it.  The place is amazing! It is also good for those couples who want their prenup to be look like old and historic theme.
My list of travels for 2013 has already filled up, Its such a great year indeed! Ive got the chance to visits places that is new for me at the same time be with the people i like.

Year 2014 is waiting for me, i am ready to face a new journey of my life and at the same time i am looking forward to visit another new places and hopefully soon an out of the country adventure.

Thank you 2013! :) it was a great year!!!

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