Thursday, November 14


It's been past a week now since the Typhoon Yolanad (Haiyan) hit the province of Leyte and Samar and some other parts of the Philippines. Hundreds of people lost their lives. Thousands of people lost their houses, starving now to death because of the tragedy.  Left no one but themselves, some were lost almost all their families, all of them fight for their life. Base on NASA typhoon Yolanda or International name Haiyan is a super typhoon or equivalent to 5 hurricane on the U.S  When super typhoon left the Philippines Area of Responsibility on Saturday morning of Nov. 9, he left thousands of people casualties.

  No one expect it will gonna happen knowing that the Tacloban and Samar always hit by the typhoons.  Aside from the typhoon was the storm surge that caused thousands of people died.

This was witnessed all over the world and different countries offer to help the Philippines.
From Germany, Vatican, China, Vietnam, USA, Switzerland, Australia, Russia, UK and a lot more!
Millions of foods, medicines and other different stuff needed of those affected of the super typhoon sent here to the Philippines! Even Soldiers, medical assistance and planes were offered to volunteer too!
A U.S. Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft arrives at Villamor Airbase in Manila, Philippines, 
Me as a Filipino and in behalf of my fellow country men.From the bottom of our hearts I would like to thank you for sharing your blessing to us.  
Thank you for your kindness! May God Bless us all! This tragedy thought the world on how to be united and left a lesson on how we should act in CLIMATE CHANGE!!!

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