Thursday, May 15

Corregidor Walk Tour with Mi Amor

For this year of 2014 Corregidor is my first destination, but it  is not only me who will travel now, i am with the man whom  i chose to spend the rest of my life with. Corregidor is our dream place to visit and this is how was it.

Corregidor one of the best historical site here in the Philippines.  It has lots of stories left inside the island and if you could think on it who would have thought that there is somethings exist inside of the island.

Corregidor is one of my dream destination and thank God he allowed me to experienced and explore what's within and of course thanks also to my fiance because he also wanted to visit the place. We're supposed to visit Corregidor Island last August 18, 2013 but unfortunately due to the bad weather (Habagat 2) the Philippine coast guard didn't allow to travel our ferry. Aside from that the marriage proposal was also supposed to happen in Corregidor but it did not happened there gladly it all ends fine despite the bad weather.

Well luckily we got the chance to explore the place, Last March 8, 2014 we booked in Sun Cruises for the "Walking Tour Package".  Yes it is a walk tour sounds rare but definitely fun! Maybe some tourist chose the "Day Tour Package" which is the normal tour package that you'll only ride in the tranvia.

Our first stop was Battery way!

This is the first and most visited place in Corregidor because it is near in the port of the island.  I was amazed when i saw some part of the wall of the toilet that got inside the trunk of the tree when Japanese hit this area a very old ages place but truly amazing!.

As we walk going to our second stop my fiance and I were having fun on our way going to the "Hospital Building"  

If you choose the "Corregidor Historical Walking Tour" package this is the way that you are going to experience when you visit the island, there are some place that you will visit in a walk tour package that Day Tour Package cannot experience and vice versa.

This is the Hospital building in Corregidor, creepy but lots of historicy happens here. What's inside are the ward for those injured soldiers during the battle. The Operating Room and the other one is the morgue.

After our tour inside the hospital we headed to the old shopping mall of the island where soldiers and their wives shop for food, clothes, etc.  Then the stairs going up is headed to the back side of the Topside barracks.

As we headed our way to the top we saw this back side of the Topside Barracks of the island, this is the longest barracks inside the island and it pretty awesome!
Back of the Topside Barracks

Inside the Topside barracks is the recreational area for the soldiers who lives in the island. You can see below the picture of the old swimming pool.

and here is the outside view of the Topside barracks.

In front of the Topside barracks is the field where chopper can landed anytime, and it was the place also where soldiers did their march during their time.

Next stop! The Cine Corregidor, where entertainment held. 

The Ruins! Cine Corregidor

Next is the Pacific War Memorial and the Eternal Flame of Freedom

Second to the last is one of my favorite place, the light house.  When we visited the light house it was under renovation so we couldn't get a chance to go inside but still i am thankful because this is the first place i visited for this year and at the same time i was with my fiance.

and we dropped by here in Malinta Tunnel since this is not included in our package.

This is one of my great travel for this year so far plus factor coz finally I've got a chance to visit this place with my fiance.  For me this is one of the best place because this is unique and much better for those students who conduct their educational tour coz this one is the best place to visit and worth the price.

till our next trip! Ciao!

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