Friday, August 30


August 24, 2013 It was supposed to be a happy trip with my family bound to Davao but unfortunately it turns into a bad experienced! 

We were in Domestic Airport and waiting for the counter of  TIGER AIRWAYS (SEAIR) to open. Our flight was 10:00 am  and we were there as early as 7:30 am to make things easy for us. Lots of people are on queue specially people bound to Tacloban and Puerto Princesa take note! those flights are delayed! 5 hours for bound to Tacloban and 8 hours bound to Puerto Princesa! What the heck!! Plus the cancelled flight bound to CEBU!

I've waited for more than an hour and noticed that it was already 9 am and only 1 hour to go and we are going. So i approached one of the staff of Tiger Airways, when i asked what time the counter will open for the Davao flight the girl told me that my flight has been cancelled since last MAY. I was so shocked they didn't advice me about it. 
They did not  inform me about my cancelled flight but the girl insisted that they emailed me twice but i told her that if i received their notification about my cancelled flight i wont waste my time and effort to go to the airport! So devastating!  i got angry to them because of their poor service!  It was supposed to be a family trip but unfortunately not. 

So ashamed that even foreigner also experienced that kind of bad service.  Their manager didn't make any effort to go outside to check their passengers or to check what's happening outside their counter.  They didn't even know how much cost the damages made on their passengers due to the delayed and cancelled flights.  Foreigners also got mad and disappointed and i even heard them saying "what kind of poor service is this"?  

They didn't even realized that those cancelled and delayed flights also has a domino effect such as reservation in the hotels and even the itinerary.  

I am calling the attention of the TIGER AIRWAYS (SEAIR) airline! can you please explain to me why it was happened!? I've experienced a good service when i went to Tacloban that's why i trusted your company and booked again my flight going to DAVAO but why you didn't advice me or even texted me about my cancelled flight? You have my complete details when i made a ticket reservation in your airline!? 

Another thing i didn't like was when i called in your office you told me to call the agency which is the TRIPLE STAR agency handling those reservation, but when i called them they told me to call to TIGER AIRWAYS (SEAIR) because you are in the position to explain what happened!? 

Is this how you promote tourism in the Philippines? Is this how you give service to your clients? 

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