Wednesday, September 4

First Davao Experience!

My first Davao experience was a mix of emotions coz i experienced bad service in Tiger airways (Airasia) airline. I supposed to fly to Davao with my family to visit my brother and his family who now live there but unfortunately it didn't happened and  I booked for another flight on the same day which cost me a lot! I flew to Davao with full of disappointment because i expected that it will be a happy travel with my family.

I arrived Davao International Airport around 2pm the weather was cloudy with a bit rain showers.  I was inside the airport and i knew that i was really in Davao because of the smell of their famous Durian fruit.

Davao International Airport
I went outside and looked for my brother and his wife and i saw them immediately.  I was really amazed on what i noticed in Davao.  People there are well disciplined.  Kudos to the government officials of Davao because of their strict policy of Smoke Free City and they maintain a very clean city!

China Town Davao City

I really enjoyed my stay in Davao together with my beau. Your travel in Davao is not complete without experiencing the beautiful and scenic island of Samal!

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