Wednesday, April 3

Glimpse of Borawan Island

Our weekend madness starts here!!

If you are in Coastal Grill (formerly Vista Playa) you can see on the other side the island of  Borawan.
This is the most accessible island coming from Coastral Grill in Brgy. Marao.  Only 10 to 15 minutes travel time and viola! :)

Locals here called this island "Borawan" because it has a mix of a beautiful rock formation like the limestone  in Palawan plus the crystal clear water and white sand of Boracay that's why its called BORAWAN! :)

Photo credit to Kris Eusebio

We paid P80.00 for entrance fee here in Borawan but we didn't rent a cottage because we stayed here for only an hour.  After here we head to Dampalitan Island and it takes 15 to 20 mins. travel time before you reach the island.

**Remember if you are planning to stay overnight bear in mind that there is no electricity here but there is mobile signal.  So don't forget to bring extra battery for your phone and Flash light that you're going to use at night.**

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