Thursday, May 3

Bato Spring cold as Ice

Whenever i hear the word or the place "LAGUNA" the first thing hit my mind is the song sung by Sampaguita 
(Laguna ng ito ay marating ko 
para bang ako'y nagbago 
kakaibang damdamin! )hehehe..

Its been quite a month when the last time i went out of town, so in just a snap me and my office mate planned to go somewhere just to escape the busy life of corporate world and leave the metro. 

May 1, Labor day, after we invade the North Luzon my friend Azza and I invade the South Luzon unexpectedly.  A supposedly 6 people was dropped down into four due to some reasons, but anyway that small numbers of explorer didn't weaned.
A day before we left i already sent an email to my friends who's going with me indicating a detailed itinerary.  We met at the bus station around 6:00 in the morning, exactly 6:30 in the morning our bus bound to Lucena left from Buendia station that time i don't know but i felt something unusual, am worried and i think it's because i didn't got a chance to search more about the place and on how to get there.  8:30 am we arrived at Brgy. San Gregorio San Pablo City from there we rode a tricycle going to Bato Spring. Approximately 15 minutes travel time and were at Bato Spring facade the long way going to their entrance gate. It was holiday then so expect the number of people inside the resort.  We paid 80/pax for the entrance fee, when were inside we started to scout for a place/cottages to stay and put our stuff but after we tour the whole area we found nothing .
see the red circle? that's the place were we stayed :D
no cottage means no table no chairs etc. but thank God am always have my sarong with me every time i have trips so i put down the sarong  and used it as our ply, we sat down took some rest while others were busy and enjoying the cold water of the pool.

We left the resort after lunch since we didn't bring food for lunch we decided to left early and eat outside, when we were at the resorts gate there were lots of tricycle waiting for people to give a ride but we rather chose to walk and enjoy the scenic view along the walkway. 
Azza and me enjoying the long walkway at Bato Spring :)
Bato Spring was very nice and cozy place from the main entrance of the road and the long facade surrounded with lush of greenery such as tall trees and birds humming i immediately appreciate the place. 
kiddie pool
It is a man made pool resort but the water is different from other resort because this has a running water coming from Mt. Banahaw, that was cold as ice. 
longest pool in the resort
happy us :)
Nowadays you will only experience fresh air if you're in the province,and if you are a nature lover type of person you will also love this place.. Two hours travel time from Manila to San Pablo Laguna this is the best place and easy way to escape even for just a day if you feel exhausted in the metro...:)

How to get there:

The reason why i'm also hesitant to go to Bato Spring it is because i can't find an exact info on how to go there by means of public transportation, but because i already experienced it ill be the one to tell about it.

 If you have plan to go there first look for a bus going to Lucena Quezon, there are Jac liner , Jam Transit and DLTB to choose from located in LRT Gil Puyat station (Buendia Taft).We chose Jac Liner and  Bus fare from manila to San Pablo is 127Php. tell the driver to drop you in Brgy. San Gregorio San Pablo Laguna, honestly its quite hard to remember the landmark on where to drop but if you see the Meralco sub station on the left side only few meters away from there and you are near at the loading bay going to Bato Spring there is a Big signage of BATO SPRING RESORT . From there you can ride a jeepney or tricycle going to the resort jeepney fare is 14Php. it takes 10 mins. away from Maharlika hi-way.
Enjoy your trip!!:)

Bus fare Manila to San Pablo-               127 Php
Tricycle- 150Php,good for 4 persons =   37.50/each
Resort Entrance Fee= 80 Php
Bato Spring to San Pablo- 14Php
Tricycle San Pablo to SM SP =  50Php good for 4 persons = 12.50/each
San Pablo to Manila(Buendia Taft) 127 Php.

Total =  398Php (not bad :))

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    thanks for the info!!! i think google earth didn't include the location of bato in their site