Monday, April 2

Molo, Iloilo

  Three years had been past but until now I couldn’t forget my one week stayed in Iloilo. Year 2009 I was still in my college then when I first stepped in the province of Iloilo. At first I hesitated to go because I still have class and I have lots of errands to be made before our school term break. Few days after I checked my class activities I finally said yes and booked our flight to Iloilo (excited much!).

April 2009 holy Tuesday at around 7:30 pm we our plane landed at the Iloilo airport were supposed to be there earlier than the said time but due to delayed flight we arrived late. On our way out to the airport the place was quite dark so I didn’t get the chance to see the view of the place. But then the next day we started exploring, the first place that really caught my attention was the Old St. Anne Church or Molo church located in the district of Molo.

St.Anne Church Molo Iloilo
The Old Gothic St. Anne Church or  Molo Church is a “Feminist” church in Iloilo, this was built in 1831, the architecture was very amazing and you will noticed that the church was really old because of the structure  and one of its kind outside the metro.  They called it “feminist” church because of all female saints displayed and in 1992 it was declared as National landmarks by National Historical Institute.
the bell still bear the scars of bullet shot during the World War II 

At the front of the church is the Molo district Plaza with bandstand

These vacation really helps me a lot coz during that time i was exhausted and tired working for my thesis and other school papers, and because our school is trimester i am having a hard time to escape.
 If you are planning to go to Iloilo i suggest you to visit the Molo Church specially during Holy week they celebrate holy week in a different way :) which is i think every Filipino are good at it..


  1. If that Church Bell could speak I Imagine it would have many unforgettable memories and history to tell with those bullet scars.

  2. yes Angie, Philippines is very rich in History thanks for dropping anyway..hope you enjoy :)

  3. Wow, the Molo church looks very classic. It's nice to know that this church exists with a classic beauty :)

  4. yes Ed, people from Molo district preserve the beauty of the church. :)

  5. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Very nice