Wednesday, July 4

Project Kilometer Zero

I was browsing my saved photos last time when one of the file caught my eye it was one of my college pictures and when i opened it i saw the pictures i used in one of my project.  Two years ago i remembered one of my professor in History she told us to make a documentary about Philippine Historical site. Since most of my group mate are graduating and others were busy in doing research for our thesis we finally chosen the nearest place so it won't affect our work schedule as well.  It was Saturday afternoon after our class we headed to Rizal Park to start our Kilometer Zero project, we visited first the National Museum took some photos of it and the Lapu-lapu statue at the park. 

Lapu-lapu statue @ Rizal Park

We reached the end of the park and took photos in the Statue of  Dr. Jose Rizal

Rizal Statue

 from  here we proceed to our next destination which is the "Walled City" or also known as Intramuros, this is the historic center and the oldest district of Manila.

 The Fort Santiago, this were Dr. Jose Rizal imprisoned before his execution in 1896

Main gate of Fort Santiago

    facade from the main gate
Aside from that you will see also old churches such as San Agustin Church( A UNESCO world heritage site) and the Manila Cathedral. 

This were the places we visited during our kilometer zero project, we end the night with full of laughter and shared different stories from different people, amazing and great experienced we had during that time at the same time we gain lot of info about the past and the history of my country.  Philippine history is quite interesting it will open your mind how brave Filipino's are to fight for our freedom.  I suggest before going or exploring other country you must explore first your own, take time to get to know more about own place and  you will realize how beautiful it is.  Better start your Kilometer Zero adventure now!! :)


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  2. kilometer zero is cool, i hope i can go back there soon!..hehe tnx for sharing..:)

  3. Thanks Joel :) hope i could visit your place too.. :)