Tuesday, March 20

Bolinao! Boracay of the North!

March 16, 2012 it was Friday night, weekend and this is the day we left the overcrowded city of the metro.  8:00 pm is our meeting time at the Victory Liner Cubao there were lots of passengers waiting on queue to buy their tickets bound to north.  Unfortunately we didn’t get a ticket for the last trip bound to bolinao because it was already fully booked so we decided to move to Five Star bus line to ask if there still available trip going to Bolinao the dispatcher told us that there are two available trips but it was only bound to Anda and the bus is not an air-condition, Since were already in the station we decided to ride on the non aircon bus bound to Anda because there were no other trips available beyond 10 pm.
 9:30 pm our bus left at the Cubao station, and the estimated travel time is 5 to 6 hours, we drop to Alaminos by 1:45 am and transfer to another bus going to Bolinao town proper (cutting trip mode) another 1 hour travel bound to Bolinao , 2:45am we arrived at the Bolinao Town proper we stayed for a while in the station because we arrived too early than what we expect, everybody are tired from the trip but more than that we are very excited my group decides to get a room to stay while waiting for the dawn,

 there were lots of tricycle waiting at the station and one of the tricycle driver offered us to bring  to the resort, on our way it was cold and the place was very dark and creepy, more than half hour and we reached  the tip place of Bolinao which is the Brgy. Patar.   Our driver brought us to the public resort which we didn’t like because the room is too pricey for the day trippers, aside from that we didn’t like the shower room and we also worried for the safety of our things.

At 5:30 in the morning we left the public resort and started scouting for the new one, but before that we visit first the Cape Bolinao lighthouse.

The place was breath taking; the lighthouse overlooks the South China Sea, our group was the first who visit the place during that day, after the lighthouse we went down and started again our adventure, we walked for I think almost 4 kilometers and ride a tricycle after, were lucky because the driver agreed to load six people and we end up and stayed in Puerto del sol which is not in our plan because the resort was a bit pricey.

 We entered at the Puerto del Sol resort and inquire about their rate for the day trip, the guest relation officer was very approachable and accommodating actually all of their staff were very nice and approachable, Nica, Azza and I went inside the resort for ocular, we checked the shower room, the cottages, rooms and other facilities of the resort we went back after to their lobby.  Since we’re only stay for a day we get a simple cottage nearby the sea .
All of us are what you called “Backpackers” we travel only for very a reasonable price, though we checked in in the high end and classy resort but we survived the whole day without spending too much money.  Aside from that we found the best place to celebrate the Post and Pre birthday of my two friends Azza and Day! 

Our last stop is the St. James Church located at the Bolinao town proper, one of the oldest churches in  town.

All in all It was a very memorable trip for each one of us, the laughter, the roller coaster road trip, the creepy we had experienced, and the 5 to 6 hours tiring trip were all worth to remember.

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Oh Wow! Bolinao!

When we went in Bolinao for a day trip one of the place we visited was the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, this was located in Abac, Patar and one of the famous lighthouse in the town of Bolinao, Pangasinan, this is approximately 18 kilometers away from the town proper and a 30 to 45 minutes travel from the town.  This is the second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines after the Cape Bojeador which is located in Ilocos Norte.  351 feet tall above sea level but the lighthouse itself  is 101 feet high.  The place was awesome, the scenic view of the lighthouse overlooks the South China Sea, and aside from that you will also see the other resort like Treasures of Bolinao.  After took some pictures in the lighthouse we went down and started to scout for a new resort and we end up staying in one of the high end resort in Bolinao.

photo credit to day grace :)
We stayed in Puerto Del Sol resort  which is located at Brgy. Ilog Malino, a 12.5 kilometers away from the town proper and almost 30 minutes travel time from the town. This is the best place to chill and relax when you want to go outside the metro, this place was really cozy, the facilities and the amenities are very nice, and they have a very approachable service staff.  This is one of the exclusive resorts in the heart of a vivid Pangasinan, you’ll be amazed by the golden white sand and a crystal clear water of the South China sea plus the breakwater and a knee high deep of the sea which is perfect for kids and for those people who don’t know how to swim.  Aside from that the resort has also a Children’s and adult pool good for those people who don’t want to stay in the beach.  Since they didn’t allow their client/guess to bring food inside they have their own dining area and these are La Playa, Al Fresco and Café del sol. You may visit their website for other info at puerto del sol.

Lastly we didn’t forget to visit the St. James church which is located in the Bolinao town proper a few meter away from Five star bus station and Victory Liner this is one of the oldest churches in Bolinao, and you’ll see also that there are some parts of the church renovated coz I noticed that most part of it has cracked and the cross at the top of it has bend toward the left side maybe because the structure was too old and other past calamities.

Before we ride a bus back to manila we ate our early dinner in one of the restaurant in the town located in front of the Victory Bus station, all of us ordered their Boneless bangus for only 50 pesos/meal and additional 50 if you want an unlimited rice. The restaurant was nice and cozy their staff was very approachable and their boneless bangus taste good..:)

This were the place we visited during our stay in Bolinao, visit Bolinao to witness the real beauty of the town they also have a very nice and approachable people and there were lots of caves to explore..

Enjoy your trip!!:)

Sunday, March 11

Kidnapped! Trip to Lingayen with the Dagupan Artist

The supposedly trip to Zambales became Lingayen trip with the Dagupan Artist.
Two years had been past but still can't forget my first visit in Lingayen Pangasinan, the visit was not in the plan but thanks to our friend Kaye Oyek for inviting me and malou. 
Me and my friends stayed in the house of kaye's friend named Patz he live in Binmaley Pangasinan, the next day we woke up early in the morning to start our Lingayen exploration, Patz cooked breakfast for us, he served their specialty which is Boneless Bangus! *drooling* best bangus ever.  After we ate we went to his drawing room and saw his painting inside which is really beautiful. Patz is one of the member of the Dagupan Artist in Pangasinan, aside from him there are two other artist accompanied us, they are Boni and Jojit.

Our first destination Lingayen Capitol! This  is one of the best Capitol in the Philippines, they allowed tourist to get inside  and witness the beauty inside of it, its also open during weekends.
View from the top of Lingayen Capitol, Pangasinan
outside the capitol few walks and you will see the Veterans Memorial Park

 And of course the entrance free resort  was here in Lingayen! We didn't let the day past without dipping our body in this sea water.  We seen only few people in this area, no cottages along the shore but you can set a tent if you want to.

Paradise in Zambales

   Zambales this place was known in  their delicious and sweet mango, but of course beach resorts was also known there specially in some secluded island.    May 2010 the last month to celebrate summer and before the rainy season start.  I done a lot of research about Zambales when suddenly I read a blog about one of the secluded island, It caught my attention because of the nice view and clear water, aside from that the mixed of the beach sand and the lahar sand which is fine and white plus the combination of the pine trees that only seen in Baguio and some other trees.  The place was really nice,  you can see only few people in the island its not yet develop, no electricity, no cottages only tent can be use in the island, no clean water to drink(bring your own hydration), you can also bring your own food if you want to stay overnight because the store located in the island is too expensive.
You know what Island am talking about? It’s a secluded island named:

1. Anawangin!!

                                                       At the back of this beach resort you can also see this

                                                 Aside from this island there's another one and this Is

  1.   Capones!!oh my Goodness Capones! It's really beautiful and this is the reason why It's more fun in the Philippines :)
This is the Capones light house it's old but some say its still working.  Reminder If its your first time to visit this place I suggest you to do some legs stretching before going up here coz you might experience legs sore on the next day :P learn it from me coz I've been there..lolz

Third Island  Camara!!!

A really awesome rock formation and a 10-15 mins. Travel time from Pundakit proper, white sand with a big rocks, this is where  Dingdong and Marian shot their commercial(San Marino tuna).

4.  Pundakit Island
Pundakit is the main island before you can go to either of the three such as Anawangin, Capones and Camara because pundakit is the first island that will welcome you before anything else.  You can look for place to stay in this island if you don’t like to spend overnight in other island, unlike Anawangin the pundakit has electricity and has clean water, there are also lots of cottages or lodges  to chose from but make sure you make a reservation a head of time before going there.

A letter for you......

Dear you,

I was wondering what your are doing, and thinking where you are right now
I been waiting for you and keep on asking when will the right time you will come?
I cant wait to see you, I always long for your presence, I told to myself that if I found you I will always set a date for us to travel together, explore every place that we never been, taste the best food, take lots of photos, make it more adventurous and live our life to the fullest

I know I am happy but I would be more happier if you here beside me, so please come soon.
I'll promise to you that our travel date would be memorable and romantic, ill bring you to the beach, cook food for you and make sure that it would be very special, stare at you while you're eating and play sweet  song,  we will dance together,   we'll walk together on the shore, we'll lay on the sand and i'll wrapped my arms around you.
I will hold your hand, touch your face and say the magic word.

Thursday, March 8

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