Wednesday, June 24

117th Philippine Independence Day (Costa Del Sol, Marbella,Spain)

It took three decades before Philippines feel the freedom from the colonization of Spanish, many filipino suffer during that time, but now everything changes.

When i was in Philippines the celebration of Philippine Independence day is just a normal day for me, but i remembered way back year 1998 it was a centennial year i was in my high school year during that time, my mother and i put a little Philippine flag in our door and for thecelebration of   centennial year.

Now i am living in the country who colonized my home country but all changes and i can't even deny that there are lots of things that spanish left to us before they left Philippines.

It's my first time to celebrate Philippine independence day away from my country and it's good to see that filipinos live abroad continue the culture.
I was invited with other filipinos here in Spain to join the celebration of 117th Philippine Independence day here in Costa del Sol in Marbella, and its good to see other filipinos as well eating pinoy food and speak the same language :) The moment i saw again the local dance from Philippines and heared the tagalog songs i was very emotional and there are also some spanish people who celebrated with us of course including the ambassador.  It feels good to be a filipino but sad to know that there are some filipino also who ruined the good images. But for  me no matter what, i am proud to be a Filipino. :)
Palacio de Cngreso Costa del Sol, Marbella

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