Wednesday, September 4

Sweet Samal trip!

Our second day stay in Davao was really a great deal! We spent our second day in the beautiful island of Samal! We stayed in Blue Jaz with my family due to the time constrain. We stayed there for daytour only.

Receiving Area of Blue Jazz
Look! A pirate boat! This the boat who brought us to BlueJaz in Samal Island.  I got dizzy after i rode on this boat due to the current.
Pirate Boat!

Glad to see my family happy as well, its priceless whenever i see them smiling.  The reason why i went  also to Davao was to visit my brother and his family who moved there two years ago and since then i haven't seen them.  Of course spend time with someone special and tour him around.  My Samal experience was great and memorable indeed!  Thanks for the wonderful memories!!! :)

Those priceless smiles <3

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