Wednesday, April 3

Dampalitan From Dusk till Dawn

Our last stop! Dampalitan Island, after dipping our body in the island of Borawan we headed here and stayed overnight.
Photo credit to Krisoffer Eusebio :)

Since we don't have a tent we asked our boatman mang Orong if we could rent a cottage in Dampalitan then
he was the one who looked for our cottage were we stayed.  The first cottage that the caretaker offered to us was P800.00 good for 6 to 10 persons.  Then we also looked the other which is smaller than the first cottage that we checked.  We decided to get the smaller one since were only five and its worth P600.00.

Photo credit to Kristoffer Eusebio
Early morning Chitchat!

This is where we spent our night in Dampalitan Island
Dampalitan at Dusk
Photo credit to Kris Eusebio
Happy us! =)

The Dawn! 
Welcoming the Sun to rise at Dampalitan Island

We decided to leave the island early to arrive early in Manila as well so we have time to rest because we have to go to work the following day.
At 9:00 am we fetched by our boatman and left the island with full of smiles on our faces, another unexpected journey and memorable experience and at the same time thankful for having a good weather in Quezon Province while heavy rains poured around different parts of Metro Manila.
We look forward for another adventure in the future..Till then....... :)
thanks also to our new found friends thanks for the great weekend madness :) 


  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Hi. Would you know how much ung entrance and tent pitch dto? Thanks.

    1. Hi entrance is 30Php tent pitch is 100-150Php