Monday, August 13

Hit by Habagat

I know this post is not related to any of my travel adventure but i just wanna share this as my experienced the  "HABAGAT" last August 6, 2012 Monday morning i woke up early and prepared myself going to my office, rain continuesly  pouring outside, actually it's been more than two weeks already since the rain started,people were clueless about this rain since the typhoon Gener had gone already and that was according to PAGASA weather forecast.  The heavy rain continued and i can't go outside my office so i decided to hitched my officemate who lived in Bulacan. Every where we go the traffic was so terrible EDSA Quezon Ave. bound to North was so traffic due to heavy rain that never stop, were stuck in traffic and comforted each other while inside the car, we made ourselves busy such as watching people along Edsa.

on our way to North Edsa Trinoma Monday night of August 6, 2012
  Early morning of Tuesday rainfall awaken me, around 4:30 am i turned on the television to watched the news and i was shocked on what i have seen, there were lots of flooded area in Metro Manila due to the non stop rain and to think that there's no storm signal in Philippines Area of Responsibility (PAR).  It was nightmare seems like the storm Ondoy back again.  Again there were lots of affected areas just like this photos.
scene outside of our house
Mc. Arthur hiway, Marulas Valenzuela City photo grabbed from google
Photo grabbed from google @ NLEX Malinta Exit
 And the spirit of "bayanihan" was in the air again.

This is not the first time that happened in our country, hope we learn from this tragedy don't wait for another storm to hit us and leave us lots of casualties and damage properties.
How long do we learn from our past? How many storms should still come for us to act?
If we really want a change we must start it from ourselves.
I remember some line in our One La Salle Prayer 
"Let me be the change I want to see
let us start the change we want to see
The change that begins in me"

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  1. We can say that this would one of the most remarkable calamity that hit the Philippines. According to the Philippine storm news it is just a Habagat and not a totally typhoon but it still destroyed many properties and brought floods in many places of Metro Manila.