Thursday, November 8

Safe and Sound.......

This post is just to share my flight experience in SEAIR/TIGERAIRWAYS

October 31, 2012 9:10 in the morning was my flight bound to Tacloban, but unfortunately it was delayed by almost 30 minutes (as always).  The DG 7044 Tacloban bound flew at around 10:15 am instead of 9:10 am.  I arrived at Tacloban around 11: 15 in the morning.  We all experienced delayed flight in all Domestic Airlines.
while waiting for my delayed flight at Domestic Airport Terminal 4

This is my own opinion upon riding in SEAIR. and made comment about my flight, it was my first time to ride in SEAIR plane, the crew is very accommodating, the plane was very nice :) and i arrived safe.  Thanks to Capt. Villanueva for taking care of all the passengers. It was a good flight though. The weather is cloudy but i didn't felt any erratic movement during my trip. For a traveler like me it was a plus factor.

All in all my experience in SEAIR was good! Kudos to all the crew of SEAIR! please continue the good service!!  :)

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