Saturday, September 5

Traveling around Andalucia Part 1

I am one year now here in Spain and since i arrived here i haven't put any entry about my trave here.  It is because i was starting little by little to adopt the life here which is very difficult. Until now i am still struggling but good thing is not as the same when it was my first 6 months here.
Because of that it is hard for me to write something because my mind is still absent. :) But well here i am again i am going to start little by little.

When i arrived in Spain last year it was also the start of my tour, been to many beautiful places and those places really surprised me.  Since i live in the south of Spain i get a chance to visit those famous tourist spot in Andalucia. For one year of my stay here i would like to share with you all the places that i have visited. I will start it randomly.

Ecija Skyline
     Ecija is belong to the province of Seville.  Ecija is the place where the parents of my husband came from.  Its looks like Ilocos in Philippines it has lots of churches and the road is not a typical road pavement.  When i arrived there i thought it was just a simple place but the there was something behind those building and old houses.  I was amazed with all the churches that i've visited, the rustic color, the smell and even the structures are very old and unique.  It reminds me my home country because spanish people brought the catholicism in my country.


Giralda Tower
Sevilla is one of my favorite city, one of the very busy tourist spot in Andalucia, and Giralda tower is one of the famous spot in Seville. Aside from that there are Plaza de España where the movie Star Wars shot, the Plaza de Alcazaba where the famous Game of thrones series shot which is located in the center of Seville.  This city really caught my heart i don't know why but i fell in love in this place.

Puente Nuevo
I never thought that i could visit this lovely place oneday. Ronda is a romantic city  and it is more enjoyable specially for the couple but i am not saying that this is only good for the couple. Actually everybody can visit this place it has a good pictursque that everybody will enjoy. 


City of Malaga

   Malaga is the port city in Costa Del Sol, it is one of the modern city in Andalucia.  Like Madrid it has a modern style of buildings, high rise hotels and resort and other structures.


Tarifa beach

Tarifa is the smallest town in Cadiz, Spain, it is the most southern part of  continental Europe.  It is  most popular destination for wind sport.

For the mean time this is the first part of my travel around Andalucia but i will post soon the second part once i am done on it.  Hope you enjoy!


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