Monday, December 10

Samarreffic experience

After my tour from the City of Tacloban I headed to my father's place and that is Calbayog City, Samar.  I've been here many times but this is the only time i got a chance to explore the place.  For how many times i tried to enter in one of the biggest church in the City of Calbayog finally i got a chance to see what's inside.

This is the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Calbayog City, Samar!

 The awesome aisle of the altar of the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral

Old structure of the legislative Hall in front of the Cathedral in Calbayog City.

view from the outside of the Cathedral
Bell Tower

Calbayog City Hall
 Tourism and Information Office of Calbayog City Samar it was closed during my visit here because it was         
    holiday (November 1) but lucky to see this old structure though.

busy street of Calbayog City

This one is what they call Cacao/Tablea/Tsokolate, one of my favorite everytime i visit this place! Yummy if its serves hot.

This very short trip always remind me how beautiful this place! This city is known as the city of hidden waterfalls.  If you plan to visit Samar province don't forget to put in your itinerary this beautiful city of Calbayog!! :)


  1. I too would like to go inside the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. I have lived here in Calbayog for over 2 1/2 years and have yet to be inside.
    I have been trying to promote this area through my website, but I don't sugar coat it. I give the good with the bad. Fortunately it is mostly good. Things are really looking up around here with a lot of construction and finally some businesses that will help the people much better.

  2. The city is very nice and clean and what i have noticed was there were already establishments around the city unlike before, i saw some cafes and restaurants in it.