Thursday, December 29

Soloista Backpacker (Birthday Edition)

It was Sunday and a not so good weather in Manila during that day but still i pulled thru my plan to celebrate my special day outside Metro Manila,  i decided to celebrate it alone and try to be a soloist backpacker for one day. But before that a month before my special day came i kept on thinking on what best place to celebrate it, to think that i have no enough time to search on the net because holiday seasons is coming over and people were too busy buying their gifts for their love ones and aside from that i am on a tight budget.  But when my mom told me that Manaoag Church was nice place and one of the best place to visit i did not think twice to make Manaoag Church as one of my first travel destination as a "Soloista backpacker". I started to save some money for my plan.
and when the day came i am very much excited to think that i woke up as early as 4am which is not usual for me and prepared my stuff.  5:15 am i reached Victory Terminal in Caloocan and the rest is history..
i enjoyed my solo trip going to Pangasinan and the boredom didn't strike because i am busy reading birthday messages coming from a great friends of mine ^_^

and during my trip going to Pangasinan i saw this famous resto along Mc. Arthur in Gerona Tarlac
Isdaan the famous resto in Gerona Tarlac "Taksiapo!"

How to get to Manaoag Church?
Go to the Nearest Victory Liner or if you want there are other Bus Lines going directly to Manaoag Church 
such as Dagupan Bus Lines. 
If you ride Victory liner ask them to drop you off to Urdaneta the trip takes about 4 hours then if you reach Urdaneta ride a tricycle or tribike going to Magic Mall from there there were lots of tricycle waiting going to Manaoag Church.

Bus Fare from Caloocan to Pangasinan
Victory Liner Caloocan to Urdaneta Pangasinan P280
Urdaneta going Magic Mall (tribike) P10
MagicMall going to Manaoag Church P30 a 15 to 20 mins. travel going to church.

Town Hall of Manaoag Pangasinan

you will also see their Town Hall in front of the church

Tupig!!My favorite! :)

and here is one of the best delicacy you'll find in Pangasinan

after i attend mass i walked behind the church where candles and garden located

during my trip i met a not so old woman while i was eating in one of the fastfood chain located in front of the church, i approached her and started to ask if she's a visitor or one of the people lived in the town, i had a good conversation with her but i forgot to ask for her name but still i will never forget her because she's the only person i chatted with during my stay in the town.

Some say "don't talk to strangers" but who cares! if you're foreign in one place and you're not familiar don't be afraid to ask somebody for a help but always make sure to be attentive. :)

Again another fruitful year has been added and there are lot's of things to be grateful.
It was a really tiring trip but still i really had fun! every destination is a memories, every people you met is a blessing and every step you take is a lesson learned.

Ciao! ^_^

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