Wednesday, September 19

Spain!! I'm crazy for you!

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SPAIN!!! What's in this place why i am so eager to visit or step to this place. I haven't been like this when i  was dreaming about visiting Japan.  But SPAIN!!!what the heck!! I know its impossible but i'm gonna find way to make it possible!. There's so much thing in this place, and this is how it affect me. I started to love these place, i found myself studying about their culture, the history, food, tourist spots and the people of course and their language.  I met some people online and in some site who also a travel blogger, they say "Barcelona" is one of the best place to visit in Spain. I even talked to some people who also live in Spain, from Barcelona to Madrid   etc. Some of them are nice while others are not. But it doesn't matter.  I know it takes 6, and more than a year before i come to that place, need to fly for more than an hour but the eagerness of my love for you will not change.  

I'm craving to see you and witness your place! I want to hug you! I want to kiss you! I want to see how awesome you are!!Most of all I want you and I LOVE YOU!!! 

Monday, September 17

From Asia to Europe! My dream destinations.....

Disney at Night
I wish i could do Teleportation!!So i can visit this places whenever i want to....

Each of us dreamed to travel all over the world.  Yes!!who wouldn't want to? From the start i dreamed to visit Japan (my first love ^_^ ) and Europe (Paris, Greece, Barcelona, Madrid) i want to visit those places..But why Japan? Just a simple reason i wanted to visit Disney Sea!!(hahaha sorry childish me!) :) from the start i want to explore their place, the temple the culture and all of that. I want to eat their special delicacies(hmm food again). I  met some Japanese here i found out they are nice. :) Walk along the Tokyo District and see the "SAKURA" or the Cherry Blossom.

Okay this is my dreamed Asian Tour nothing more nothing less :)

Photo grabbed  from :google
Of course who would not dream to travel Europe?!! Europe is very nice place indeed and aside from that a very expensive one but who cares?!  Visiting this country is a worth to stay.   Paris one of the place i really wanted to visit and explore, and you couldn't possibly visit Paris without seeing the Eiffle Tower.  
Eiffle Tower
I remember my friend when she visited France, she gave me an Eiffle tower key chain! and hope someday i could visit this place, from Paris lets move to Greece!!:)

What comes to your mind when you think about Greece? Me i think of Santorini!!

Santorini by night..grabbed from google
Santorini has a great architecture design, its main attraction is the landscape and the seascape of the island itself. I am so amazed by the design of their houses, it also has a very romantic view and best place plan your wedding :)

Spain! I met someone who lives in Spain, we talk about his place and same as mine, we exchanges travel experiences from different places.  We talk about festivities, cultures and even history (funny indeed remembering the time when Spaniard colonized the Philippines).  That was a great conversation i had with him and learning from each others experiences.

Barcelona one of the place i wanted to visit in Spain, why? because of the awesome architectural design of their churches, The history , food and the people.  The picture below is the Sagrada Familia Cathedral work of Antoni Gaudi- still unfinished but this is the most visited place in Barcelona. Great work!!

Photo grabbed from Google: Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Aside from the amazing design of their cathedral, i heard they also have a great taste of food, a unique and authentic food. :)

Paella, Churros with hot chocolate and one of their specialty is the Tapas..Hmm i have no idea about their "Tapas" but i think it taste good :)

my favorite!!! ^_^
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I wish i could visit one of his place, if not now i know one day and nothing is impossible.^_^
One day we'll meet and if that day comes i will hug you so tight!

Friday, September 7

Leyte Samar trip oh so soooooonnnnn!!!!

photo grabbed from google. 
This past few months I've been craving  for a long trip, oh well it's been a long time already since my last long travel and now this plan would be possible soon! I'm bound to Tacloban, Leyte!, i chose this place coz I am so eager to see the Longest bridge (San Juanico Bridge) of my two naked eye,  hopefully my dream to walk from one end to another of the bridge will become possible too..keeps fingers cross..:) and im so excited for this trip!!No back out! no hindrances or what so ever!This would be more exciting and i can't wait for it. I am hoping that God will bless me a very nice weather when i come there.. But for the mean time i need to prepare and get some info's for my trip..:) I'll see you soon Leyte and Samar!!Bring it on!!!

photo credit to :joemill