Friday, November 9

Short trip around Tacloban City

When i was a kid my mom told me about the Tacloban City in Leyte, especially the San Juanico Bridge that connect the Leyte and Samar provinces.  Out of curiosity September i booked my ticket to visit my father in Samar.  Since i wanted to have an adventure trip and new experience i chose to land in Tacloban instead of Calbayog Samar.
 Around 11:30 in the morning when i arrived in Daniel Romualdez Airport before my trip i already read some info on where to go around the city of Tacloban.  I rode a jeep bound to downtown fare is P13.00  from the Airport to downtown, but if you want an air condition  vehicle you can ride a Van or Taxi Cab there are lots of van's, taxi and Jeepneys waiting outside the airport.
Outside of Daniel Romualdez Airport

I did not follow my itinerary due to my delayed flight so i made Plan B!.  Before i left Manila i already printed out the Tacloban City map as my guide in exploring the city.

First stop! Sto. Nino Shrine

From the outside of Sto. Nino Shrine (Romualdez Museum) Tacloban City
I didn't got the chance to go inside the shrine due to time constrain. After here i walked along Calle Real until i reached my second stop over and that is Sto. Nino Church!

Sto. Nino Church Tacloban City

Bell Tower of Sto. Nino Church

This church is consider as the main church of Tacloban City, there are lots of people attended the mass during my visit here.

This are the multicabs going to downtown and to Tacloban Land Transport Terminal.
Since it was already past 12:00 i decided to go to the Duptours Terminal, those are the vans  going to Calbayog City, Catbalogan, Catarman Samar and Some part of Samar. I really wanted to stop in one of the longest bridge in the Philippines but i rather not to because it was already late and i have no idea how long it will take to reach Calbayog City.

at Duptours Terminal
The van left at 1:45 pm i did not ate lunch that time so i ate some snacks and cookies that i brought just in case i get hungry.
And last but the most exciting happened to me during my Tacloban trip was witnessing the longest Bridge in the Philippines!!

My Tacloban adventure was really great! though it was a short trip it's still a great experienced for me. I'm so amazed on the places I've seen as a solo backpacker! Its more fun in the Philippines!!:)

Thursday, November 8

Safe and Sound.......

This post is just to share my flight experience in SEAIR/TIGERAIRWAYS

October 31, 2012 9:10 in the morning was my flight bound to Tacloban, but unfortunately it was delayed by almost 30 minutes (as always).  The DG 7044 Tacloban bound flew at around 10:15 am instead of 9:10 am.  I arrived at Tacloban around 11: 15 in the morning.  We all experienced delayed flight in all Domestic Airlines.
while waiting for my delayed flight at Domestic Airport Terminal 4

This is my own opinion upon riding in SEAIR. and made comment about my flight, it was my first time to ride in SEAIR plane, the crew is very accommodating, the plane was very nice :) and i arrived safe.  Thanks to Capt. Villanueva for taking care of all the passengers. It was a good flight though. The weather is cloudy but i didn't felt any erratic movement during my trip. For a traveler like me it was a plus factor.

All in all my experience in SEAIR was good! Kudos to all the crew of SEAIR! please continue the good service!!  :)